ANDREW JOHNSON: Heritage, Legacy, and Our Constitution

Coffee and Tea Warmer that belonged to Pres. Jeff Davis and later Pres. Andrew Johnson.
Coffee and Tea Warmer that belonged to Pres. Jeff Davis and later Pres. Andrew Johnson.

This exhibit displays objects from Johnson’s family life as a poor boy in Raleigh, North Carolina to President. President Johnson once stated that the only thing that kept him sane during his presidency was that he had family so close. The importance of family and the close ties between Johnson and his children and grandchildren can be seen in our gallery on Johnson’s family.

IMG_20150410_092447Johnson’s love of learning and support of education is evident throughout his life. Johnson’s personal library, his desk, and his daughter Martha’s filing system are on display along with several documents that he signed.

Johnson’s presidency began the difficult task of Reconstruction following the Civil War. Period flags, original political cartoons, political posters, photographs, and documents on Congressional changes taking place during Johnson’s presidency are on display.


Scholars then Soldiers: Tusculum College during the American Civil War

 scholarsthensoldiers1“Scholars then Soldiers: Tusculum College and the American Civil War” exhibit opened in 2012 at the President Andrew Johnson Museum and Library on the Tusculum College campus. The student-created exhibit features information about the 19 alumni who fought during the war and the effect that the Civil War had on Tusculum College, including the merger with Greeneville College that had most of its assets destroyed due to the conflicts. The exhibit will be on display through the remainder of the Civil War Sesquicentennial in 2015. This exhibit won an Award of Excellence from the Tennessee Association of Museums.


Reaper: Nettie McCormick and the Machine that built Tusculum



While Nettie Fowler McCormick’s donations to Tusculum College have been well documented, this new exhibit explores the machine upon which the McCormicks built their fortune. Museum Studies students and Dr. Peter Noll, assistant professor of public history and museum studies, have created this exhibit to describe the McCormick mechanical reaper and the changes wrought in farming and manufacturing ensuing from the mechanical harvest. The exhibit also explores the context through which Mrs. McCormick viewed her philanthropic mission.


Glimpses of Tusculum: A Storied History

Opening April 17, 2015
Opening April 17, 2015



Mamie Hassell, a sophomore museum studies major, is currently overhauling the Tusculum history exhibit at the Andrew Johnson Museum. The first exhibit in the new flexible exhibit space is curated by Joshua Helvey, a senior museum studies major. Josh’s exhibit will feature artifacts and photographs of past Old Oak Festivals and will be open to festival visitors.




Sittin’ Pretty: Selections from the Doak House Furniture Collection.



For the Old Oak 2015 festival only, the Doak House Museum will open its collections storage to display never before exhibited Appalachian chairs and other furnishings. Admission is free, donations are appreciated.