Over 350 linear feet of records reflect the history of the oldest college in Tennessee, the twenty-eighth oldest college in the nation, and the second oldest coeducational institution affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

The records include the original account books of Rev. Samuel Witherspoon Doak, founder of Tusculum Academy and President of Tusculum College until his death in 1865; and the original College library, the Charles Coffin Collection, which contains 1,400 volumes. Also included are college catalogs, administrative records, college publications, such as yearbooks and newsletters, photographs and various 3-dimensional artifacts. A recently completed Guide to the Tusculum College Archives is available to provide a brief overview of the collection.

1846 Tusculum College Catalogue
1846 Tusculum College CatalogueThe cover of the Tusculum College Catalogue from 1846 gives valuable insight into the educational program of the college in the 19th Century.












1st Edition of the Pion-Ear, 19351st Edition of the “Pion-Ear”, 1935

The first edition of the “Pion-Ear” from 1935 features a smiling Tusculum College student, suitcase in hand, on his way to nearby Johnson City, TN.

The May Queen & her court outside of Old College, circa 1930

The May Queen & her court outside Old College, circa 1930

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Consisting of 1,400 volumes, the Charles Coffin Collection is the original college library and represents the educational endeavors of a post-Revolutionary frontier society. The library was established between 1800 and 1828 at Greeneville College through the efforts of Rev. Hezekiah Balch and Rev. Charles Coffin. Charles Coffin was President of Greeneville College from 1810-1827 and signed the books they collected for Greeneville College. Greeneville College merged with Tusculum College after the Civil War due to financial pressures.  This collection features books with signatures from Thomas Jefferson and Jonathan Edwards. Additional features include early printer’s marks with the oldest book dating 1487.


The President Andrew Johnson Collection contains approximately 100 three-dimensional artifacts, ranging from the former President’s top hat and political memorabilia to a copy of Lincoln’s life-mask, a gift to President Johnson. In addition, the collection contains Johnson’s personal library of over 800 volumes and over 500 volumes of books belonging to his children and grandchildren. This collection includes over fifteen linear feet of paper items relating to the former President and his family.


Tusculum College has a long and fascinating history. A Timeline shows the major events in the College’s history.

Greeneville College
Hezekiah Balch, D.D. 1794-1810
Charles Coffin, D.D. 1810-1827
Henry Hoss 1828-1836
Alfred Hoss 1836-1838
James McLin, B.A. 1838-1840
Samuel Matthews 1843-1845
Charles Van Vlech 1845-1846
John Fleming 1846-1847
William B. Rankin, D.D. 1854-1858
John Lampson 1859-1860
Tusculum Academy
Samuel Doak, D.D. 1818-1829
Samuel Witherspoon Doak, D.D. 1829-1844
Tusculum College
Samuel Witherspoon Doak, D.D. 1844-1864
William Stephenson Doak, D.D. 1865-1868
Greeneville and Tusculum College Merge (G&T)
William Stephenson Doak, D.D. 1868-1882
Alexander M. Doak (Acting President) 1882-1883
Jeremiah Moore, D.D. 1883-1901
Samuel A. Coile, D.D. 1901-1907
Charles O. Gray, D.D. 1907-1912
Washington and Tusculum College (W & T) Merge in 1908.  Merger is dissolved in 1912 and the name reverts to Tusculum College.
Charles O. Gray, D.D. 1912-1931
Charles A. Anderson, D.D. 1931-1942
John McSween, D.D. 1942-1944
Jere A. Moore (Acting President) 1944-1946
George K. Davies, Ph.D. 1946-1950
Leslie K. Patton (Acting President) 1950-1951
Raymond C. Rankin, D.D. 1951-1965
Douglas C. Trout, Ph.D. 1965-1968
Charles J. Ping (Acting President) 1968-1969
Andrew N. Cothran, Ph.D. 1969-1972
Thomas G. Voss, Ph.D. 1972-1978
Earl R. Mezoff, Ed.D. 1978-1988
Robert E. Knott, Ph.D. 1989-2000
Thomas J. Garland (Interim President) 2000
Dolphus E. Henry, Ph.D. 2000-2007
Angelo Volpe, Ph.D.(Acting President) 2007
Edward Kormondy, Ph.D. (Acting President) 2007
Russell Nichols, Ph.D. (Interim President) 

Nancy Moody, D.S.N

2007 – 2009 

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